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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Xerox App Studio 1.0 Release is Available!

Xerox App Studio is a website for Resellers to create, install, license, and manage ConnectKey Apps for customers. Resellers can use Xerox App Studio to extend the functionality of an MFP to customize and personalize Apps for their customers. Customers can use these ConnectKeyApps to obtain information as well as scan to several destinations.  


The 1.0 launch version has the following features:

  • Xerox ConnectKey Info Apps - Provide a customized digital billboard and media hub
  • Xerox ConnectKey Scan Apps include:
  •     Scan to Email
  •     Scan to USB
  •     Scan to FTP
  •     Scan to Shared Folder
  •     Scan to Multi-Destination (Shared Folder and FTP) -scan once and route to multiple destinations!
  • ConnecKey Apps can be designed with custom images, customized text, customized icons. 
  • ConnectKey Apps can also have defined preset option values, including scan destination details and default settings.
  • Reseller Account users customize common, routine tasks into Xerox ConnectKey Apps, which can then be deployed to Xerox devices. Creating an App that saves Customers Time!
  • Xerox App Studio can automatically detect attached network devices.
  • Reseller Account users and Customer Subaccount users can deploy Xerox ConnectKey Apps to groups of devices at a time in a single step, or individually using a network connection.
  • Reseller Account users and Customer Subaccount users can download a Xerox ConnectKey App installer and save it to a USB flash drive for later installation on a Xerox device.

    Xerox App Studio is functional on devices with the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) of 2.5 or higher.