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Xerox Employee XAS-Moderator
Xerox Employee

Xerox App Studio 2.1 Release is now available!

Xerox App Studio 2.1 has launched.


This release has the following features:

  • Scan to Multi-Destination (Shared Folder and FTP) has friendly names for servers.
  • The Xerox App Gallery is now open for business and you will start to see Xerox and Third Party developed ConnectKey Apps in it.  Resellers can add these ConnectKey Apps to their account from the the Xerox App Gallery then use Xerox App Studio to install the Apps like the Xerox App Studio ConnectKey Apps. 

Xerox App Studio 2.1 also includes numerious bug fixes for various issues.

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abc New Member
New Member

Re: Xerox App Studio 2.1 Release is now available!



I am trying to install Xerox app gallery on workcentre 3655.

I am getting the following error. Please suggest.


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Xerox Employee XAS-Moderator
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox App Studio 2.1 Release is now available!



Check that the SNMP options are set properly using the Centreware Web for the device.


Here are the steps to check this setting: 

Launch the device CWIS page (type the device IP address into a browser window). 

Log into CWIS using the device Admin credentials. 

Select the Properties tab. 

Select the Connectivity option from the menu on the left side of the screen. 

Find the SNMP entry and click the Edit link to the right. 

Make sure that only the first two options are checked:  Enable SNMP v1/v2c Protocols and Allow SNMP v1/v2c Set 

Save the changes and close the CWIS page. 

Go back to the App Gallery ( and retry your app install.  It should now work.   If it does not, please let me know and I'll investigate. 


XAS Moderator




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