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S3doka New Member
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microsoft onedrive for business

Hi ,


im ask if the Xerox connectKey on (Versalink & Alatalink ) support the integration with microsoft onedrive for business

if yes kindly your supprot how !!?





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Moderator XAG Admin

Re: microsoft onedrive for business

Hello, Mo.Saeed.


Yes, connecting to Microsoft OneDrive for Business accounts is supported on both AltaLink and VersaLink devices.


There are a couple options for users/customers to access their Microsoft OneDrive for Business accounts via the apps.

If an App Studio app (Scan to OneDrive OR Print from OneDrive) is being used, the customer will be prompted to select which account they would like to use, Personal or Business, when they launch the app. Selecting the Buiness option and logging in, will connect them to their Business account files and folders. Also, the Office 365 apps (Scan to Office 365 OR Print from Office 365) allow user to connect to their Business OneDrive accounts. After the user has logged in, selecting the My Sites option will allow them access to their Business account.


If the customer is using the Xerox App Gallery apps, they will need to install the Print and Scan for Office 365 app to connect to their Business OneDrive accounts. After they launch and log in to this app, they will see the My Sites option as well. Selecting this folder will allow them to access their Business OneDrive files and folders.


I hope that this information is helpful. Please let me know if additional questions come to mind.

Thank you,

XAS Moderator

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