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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: multiple scan to email workflows

Currently, when .PDF is selected as the Scan to Email output format, single page .PDF is not a support option, as indicated in the original post. A feature request has been entered to consider this as a future option. In the meantime, if the File Format is set to .JPG during the creation of the Scan to Email App., the resulting output will be single page .JPG files (ie; scanning a 3 page file will result in 3 separate single page email attachments). This is the best One Touch option to achieve the results that you are looking for. However, if the Scan to Email output has to be .PDF, there are a couple options. They are not simple One Touch solutions, though. First: Adobe Acrobat offers a built in feature that will split a multipage file into multiple, single page .PDF files. Simply open the file in Adobe Acrobat and Save it out to Single Page. Look online for step by step instructions from Adobe. Second: If Adobe Acrobat is not available, there are free online services that will achieve the same result. Just search online for these options.
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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

multiple scan to email workflows

The client knows Single Touch scan cannot be set up as scan to email - but is looking to set up multiple scan to email workflows.  This is the email I received from the client:   


Using App Studio Scan to Email,  the template only allows the selection of Multipage PDF. However several users must to scan to email as 1 PDF file per Page.  Since it takes multiple steps to do this, the request was if a 1 touch button for email could be created for 1 PDF file per Page scan jobs. 


Is there anything we can do to help, other than additional software?


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