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glennlawr Member

Camera Issue - Upside Down


When I use the camera to capture something in this app, it displays the image upside down while trying to capture. The captured image shows the correct way up, but it's hard to focus correctly on the item when trying to capture and it's shown upside down.

Have you seen this issue before?

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Thank you,


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Camera Issue - Upside Down

Weird, I just tested on a Galaxy S8+ on Android 8.0 and got the same result.

It seems it reverses the sensors in the camera, because if it is upside down, and you rotate the phone so the volume buttons are on the upper side (Landscape photo) it flips to up = up, and keep flipping so the volume buttons are at the lower right side, it stays correct, but the camera button,cancel and save don't reorientate with it.

But if you hold the phone right it is indeed upside down.

This is just me confirming the issue though, I can't fix it, and don't work with the app in question. But it isn't a you problem, the app does it wrong (At least in regard of the Samsung S8 family).


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Xerox Employee XML_Admin
Xerox Employee

Re: Camera Issue - Upside Down

This issue will be addressed in the 3.0 release of Xerox Mobile Link.

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