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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Is there a Security White Paper for Xerox Mobile Link App?



Attached is the Information Assurance Disclosure per your request.


You can also find the IAD here:

 Then select “Software solutions” followed by “Xerox Mobile Link App”.  This should take you this site:


Thank you,

Xerox Mobile Link Admin

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Is there a Security White Paper for Xerox Mobile Link App?


 Hello -   I have a customer who is asking for a Data Workflow diagram that covers the security on Mobile Link App.    Here is a copy of their email request.


"Please request the data workflow that is in use when using the Xerox Mobile Link App. We have a client request for the workflow of the data.


The background is to confirm that the data is not being sent to the phone unless scan to inbox or scan to photo is selected (May be different on Android). Client wants to just confirm that the phone is only being used to pass credentials to DropBox and other cloud repositories . We need some kind of formal document from Xerox on the workflow possibly a potential flowchart."





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