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Re: Mobility suite will not discover my printer

  1. Log in to the Mobility Print Admin interface. Click Select Printers.
  2. Verify that the printer is listed and published. If the printer is missing from the list, set it up on the print server as Local Printer (for example, on Windows, Devices > Printers).
  3. Check that it works correctly by printing using a local server application.
  4. Verify that the printer is a Local Printer. Printers that are hosted on another server and re-shared are not published.
  5. Printer names that include a ‘%’ or ‘+’ sign can cause issues, so if the printer name includes one or both of these special characters, you’ll need to rename it. Keep to simple ASCII characters.
  6. The new name will take effect when the printer is re-published, which is every five minutes (or immediately if the server/service is restarted).
  7. Verify server connectivity from the client. An easy way to check is to open the Mobility Print Help Center in a browser (http://:9163/help). Monkey Cool

Basic server checks

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Mobility suite will not discover my printer

Mobility suite will not discover my printer- Printer is upto date on software. When i add HOST name and IP address and refresh -- discovery status =  RED X

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