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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Phaser 6280 doesnt print on left side



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New Member

Phaser 6280 doesnt print on left side

When my phaser 6280 started not printing off on the left hand side of the page I ordered all new toner cartrides thinking that would clear up my problem. I still can't get it to print on the left side of page about 2 inches in.  The rest of the page prints out just fine. This does it on anything I print be it a document or a full page graphic
I think some plate thing ( not sure what its called) maybe needs  a good cleaning. Problem is tho I have no idea how to access the glass plates so I can try aand clean it. I think it just might be extremly dusty on the one side.
Please if anyone one has any idea's to help me  I am more than happy to try it out. I use my printer a lot and I've had to indent my margins so much the documents looks horrible.

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