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Re: Email print jobs delays for external users

Hi XMP Community,


I was wondering if anyone has had any ideas why we are seeing this issue? I was testing again the other day and the issue seemed to be resolved. I sent some test email print jobs from various email addresses/domains and each notification was being received within a minute or two. However, I have tested again yesterday and today and I am seeing some delays again.


I sent an email from my Xerox email account at 11.02 and only got the confirmation email with release code at 14:09.


This installation is mainly to be used at one of our customer's, in their Client Reception. A 7 minute delay for a confirmation email really isn't going to work well.


If no one on here has any ideas what the issue might be, do anyone maybe know of a support channel we can use to get support for this?


Many thanks...



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Email print jobs delays for external users



We are seeing a delay issue on our recently installed version of XMP, v3.6.2. When sending an email print internally, the confirmation email gets received within a few seconds, and the job is ready to release not too long after this.


When sending an email print from an external email address, i.e. from another domain, we are seeing really long delays.


This install is at a customer site and when I send an email from my Xerox email, or Yahoo email, it takes a long time before we receive the confirmation email, see below test results.


Emails from Xerox account:

- Email sent at 12:14, confirmation email received at 12:56.

- Email sent at 14:42, confirmation email received at 15:09. When I look in the “Jobs” in XMP, I see the job registered at 14:48.


Email from Yahoo account:

- Email sent at 15:21, confirmation email received at 15:29. Job registered in XMP “Jobs” at 15:29.


We are using Microsoft Exchange Web Services and I have the "Polling Rate" for the mailbox set to 5 Seconds.


Has anyone else see these types of delays for externally submitted jobs?


Many thanks in advance...



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