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IOS and XSA with the Workplace App issues

Product Name: Workplace Cloud
Operating System: Apple iOS

I have a recent install that was done with Workplace Cloud at a new customer with Altalinks. It is primarily a Mac environment. They are using Xerox Standard Accounting. When printing from Macbooks, everything works properly once the accounting codes are added to the presets in driver settings. However due to various Mac updates it has to be done from various programs in various different ways. It issue we are running into now is from IOS devices. They are as follows:


1) If printing VIA Airprint depending on the app they are printing from, sometimes they get a line in options to add the accounting code. Other apps don't give that option. As well as the same app may show you the accounting code field and 5 minutes later it won't show you the prompt. It is never consistently there.

2) The Workplace App has no where to enter the accounting code for users registered in Workplace Cloud and using the App to print from and login to the machine to release their prints. It just prints out an error page.

3) Some people get an option for Pull Printing, which everything works fine with, and others don't. How do we get this available for everyone?


This is for an office coop, so they need to know which user needs to pay for what amount of usage which is why the tracking is needed for all users. There is no print server or even network in place. They just have a WiFi Router as the network so an installable option on a print server does not work.

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