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Mobile Print App Login

It is my understanding that the Mobile Print App login can be done a couple of ways. Either user name and company code or user name and Confirmation number.

How do I set it to use just the company code. iPad and iPhone are always asking for confirmation number which you only get when you send an email. Must you alsways send an email before logging in to the app?

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Xerox Employee XMP_Admin
Xerox Employee

Re: Mobile Print App Login



One can login to the Xerox Print Portal on iOS/Android devices with email address/password or email address/company code/password - only if the change company code option is selected.  Normally the change company code option is off.  You only need to turn it on when logging in the first time OR when changing company's.


The change company code option is set by clicking on the little gear icon and toggling it on/off.


Post back if this doesn't make sense.





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grols Member

Re: Mobile Print App Login

Yes, name or number phone and password

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