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Re: Mobile Print App outputs to wrong tray

hey ruarae

There is an additionl setting that needs to also be enabled in MB 3.6.From the administration web page, Go to Company->Workflows->Emal and enable the following settings:

Direct Printing Using Printer or Print Queue IP Address

Direct Printing Using Printer or Print Queue Display Name
Even though you may not be using these feature they have to be enabled for the Default Q to work.
Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Mobile Print App outputs to wrong tray

Setting the default output tray in the driver will not affect which tray Xerox Mobile Print Cloud will print to. Unfortunately, Mobile Print Cloud does not support the ability to choose a default print tray. If Auto Scale is chosen for the Media Size, Mobile Print Cloud would decide the tray based on the paper size that would best support the scaled document.
Could you describe your printing situation more? Why are you trying to print to a specific tray? If possible, you could remove the paper from all trays, other than the one you are trying to print from. This would force Mobile Print Cloud to print through the desired tray.
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Mobile Print App outputs to wrong tray

I recently Installed the Xerox Mobile Cloud Print App (Trial) and everything works great EXCEPT I cannot get anything printed via the Xerox Mobile Print Portal App to correctly print to the defaulted output tray for my Xerox WC7428 MFP.


My driver default settings are to the Left Upper Tray - but the prints consistantly and constantly print to the devices top centre tray.


Where and how would I change that default output location????