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Re: PrintByXerox Ports and Server

I'm not too familar with that product but HTTPS is probably the only one that's communicating to outside.  The others aren't encrypted channels and most firewalls don't allow SNMP, LPR, and RAW  to leave their networks.

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PrintByXerox Ports and Server



I'm looking for some information about about PrintByXerox, im helping an on site representative we are trying to clear the ports and adresses that PrintByXerox uses to communicate, I have not been able to find any specifics about it an the only information available out thee seems to be Mobile Print related only I have gone though the mobile print security guides and they only list the SNMP, HTTPS LPR and RAW but we need the ones that will communicate to the outside.


Do you have any information or can you point me in the right direction?

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