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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Printing to Print Portal using printer email address



The only limit placed on the size of attachments or the maximum amount of attachments users can send to a printer's email address is set by the user's email account provider. For example, let's say the user's email account is hosted by Gmail. The maximum email size Gmail allows any user to send is 25MB. From Google's website: "This limit is applied to the sum of the message's text and the encoded attachements. Messages exceeding the limit sent to your Gmail account will bounce back to the sender. Messages larger than 25 MB that you try to send from Gmail will yield an error."


Please ask the user to look up how large of an attachment their email provider allows them to send. They can look this up simply by typing "Maximum email size allowed by [enter name of email provider here]" into a web browser.


As long as the user submits an email that is under the email provider's limit, they will be able to successfully print to any Xerox printer.


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Printing to Print Portal using printer email address

I'm an analyst for Parmetech (Dealership). We have a customer that is using the Print Portal, print to the printer's email address. They have been succesful at printing a couple or few pages using a single file type like M.S. Word or Excel. I recieved an email from the customer a few days ago. Even though they did not give specifics I'm going to ask for some.

Customer concern
1.    Email with multiple word, pdf and xls attachments. Sent 5:09 pm  Job submitted with errors email at 5:10 pm, Print failure email at 5:28 pm

What is the maximum size for email attachments when printing to a printers email address through the print portal. Is there a maximum number of pages, a maximum total file size or some combination of both? Or are there other limiting factors?

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