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Re: Random page order on all prints

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Please upgrade to the latest release on  There was a fix for that feature:


Support Teams: Xerox Workplace Suite 5.0.2 release memo


Please cascade this information as appropriate.



XWS 5.0.2:

A minor fix release of Xerox Workplace Suite will be uploaded to this week.

  • This release will be available on-line: (
  • This is a recommended upgrade for all customers.
  • The 5.0.2 release address the following problems:
    • The "Enforce job order" setting now works correctly, jobs are now printed in the correct order base on the setting.
    • Fixed erroneous Failed job email notification after successful prints.
  • New file version number: XeroxWorkplaceSuite_5.0.44.11.exe
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Frequent Contributor

Random page order on all prints

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Product Name: WorkplaceSuite
Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2 x64

When we send jobs then release them at any device, they do not print off in the order they were sent. Within Workplace Suite, the “Enforce Job Order” is already selected. We changed from “Newest to Oldest” to “Oldest to Newest”, but still no change. For example if you send 5 jobs, these jobs will not release in the order they are sent.
As a test we created 5 notepads: “Notepad Test 1 - 5” I sent these in order 1 – 5, however when you select all and print it has released in the following orders: 3,4,5,1,2 – 2,1,4,5,3 – 5,3,2,1,4. I have also tried selecting the jobs in order 1 – 5 on the device rather than the select all button.
We have been able to replicate this issue on another system. We have changed the driver to “Print Spooled Documents First” along with having Workplace Suite set to “Enforce Job Order – Oldest to Newest”, but the prints still come off in a random order. We applied the “Enforce Job Order” to “Maximize Performance” – Restart services – repair device. We then tested, and this still prints in a random order as expected. We then changed back to “Enforce Job Order” – restarted services – repaired device, tested but jobs still don’t send in the order they are sent.

Test system A software version:
Test sytem B version:

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