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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Unable to create user account



Are you trying to set up access for this user to an existing company? Or are you trying to set up a new company account for this user?


Also, are you using a trial version, or a licensed version of XPMMS?


Thank you,


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Unable to create user account



please can i have some assistance, i'm trying to create a account for a a user in our office to access the print by xerox app on the connect key devices.


if the user submit a email to he receives the notification that he's email has been accepted. however the user will not receive his password to release the print. 


i then visited the Xerox Mobile print website. and tried to create a account for the user however when i enter a password i received an error stating the "authentication Failed for, invalid Credentials"


please can we get some assistance in resolving this issue. 


Kind Regards 


Treven - XDN Office, Durban, South Africa


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