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WPS Upgrade Issues

Product Name: WPS
Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2 x64

Issues uninstalling old version.

I attempted to complete the Workplace Suite Upgrade last night but I ran into an error uninstalling the outdated software. The instructions say uninstall the old software first but when I tried this I got an error saying the source file for the install was on an unreachable network source. I have the original install files in a folder on the desktop and I was unable to locate the .msi the installer was looking for to complete the uninstall. I know there is software that can be used in this situation to remove problematic software but I wanted double check to see if you guys had ever come across this before. I also feared that some vital config files may be lost using such software. I also wanted to know if maybe we could set up a session to properly back up our data before this upgrade. Thank you.

US WPS Upgrade.jpgUS WPS Upgrade 1.jpgUS WPS Upgrade 2.jpg

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