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Xerox Employee yrummens
Xerox Employee

XMPC in an hosted server environment - Terminal Server

I had contact with a reseller in The Netherlands and this reseller is offering cloud services (workstation in the cloud) to his customers. This means that his customers don’t have any server/classic PC infrastructure anymore at their premises… meaning they can’t install XMPC Agent…They use Terminal Services Servers to offer access to their clients for applications/printing/documents… So I suggested he installs the agent on his servers… He did, but the agent is not compatible with Terminal Server apparently. So he installed it on a regular server he said and it runs, but no access to the printers of his customers can be setup..


Anybody have experience with this kind of setup?

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Xerox Employee XMP_Admin
Xerox Employee

Re: XMPC in an hosted server environment - Terminal Server

This may be a firewall or proxy issue. Are the agent and printers within the same firewall and is the proxy set correctly in the agent software?
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