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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: XWS login without email address setup


There is a setting in XWS that will allow you to set the Service Login Account password. This will allow you to login to your printer when Authenciation is on and blocking the service pathway.

The setting is located here: Company->Policies->Security->Printer Authenciation->Basic.

The setting is located:  Printer Control Panel: Administrator Login, enable the setting and enter a password.



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XWS login without email address setup

Product Name: XWS 5.1
Operating System: Windows Server 2016 x64

Hello All,

I've a couple of XWS installation done over the last weeks for our clients and all is well, but one small issue:

When changing the XWS login on the server from email + Pin to username + password, our service accounts cannot log in anymore.

The reason seems to be that XWS is not only checking the user credentials against the AD, but also the email address. I've tried to add a fake (customer domain) email address to the accounts in XWS and also a real external email address, but none is doing the trick.

Is there any way around this, that a user MUST have a vaild email address withing the customer AD to be able to log in? 


Thank You,




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