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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Xerox Mobile Cloud Print Direct Email and Accounting

Since there is no way to pass accounting information with an email message, a user must first print to the device using either the web portal ( or the mobile app (Xerox Mobile Print Portal). The account can be set up (by the account administrator) to retain the user's accounting information once the user has made that first print and used accounting.


From page 2-19 of the Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud Administrator How To and Troubleshooting Guide:


How To Allow Direct Email Printing When Accounting is Enabled


Direct email printing is sending an email directly to a Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud-enabled printer’s email address.

The administrator must allow user accounting data to be stored in the system to enable
the email printing feature. Because there is no way to enter accounting information
when using the direct email printing feature, users must have already printed to that
printer through the app or webpage and have entered their accounting information.

When printing from the webpage, users must enter their accounting information on the
Print tab, save it, and print. If the user does not print, the accounting information that
they entered is not saved. If users previously printed to that printer or print queue, and
have entered their accounting information, Mobile Print Cloud will apply the saved
information on subsequent email submissions.



Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud does not store user passwords.

1. From the webpage, select the Account tab.
2. Select Accounting.
3. Select Allow User Accounting Data to be Saved.
4. Select Save.

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Xerox Mobile Cloud Print Direct Email and Accounting



I'm new to the XMPC and I have a client that wants to print emails.  They cannot use the app as they use Exchange for email and POP and IMAP are not available on the server.  They don't seem to be able to use Direct Print because their printer requires accounting codes.  Can someone tell me how to send direct email prints with accounting codes attached?



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