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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: @printbyXerox

Hello Jay,


For pricing information, please visit:


Click on the red "Buy Online" button to view the different licenses and pricing options. Or call 1-800-275-9376 ext. 738 to speak with a sales representative if you would like to go over any specifics regarding pricing.


In regards to adding users for the @PrintByXerox app, there is no way to add users to a specific agent. The way you will add users is via the Xerox Mobile Print Cloud web portal:


The information you will need to set up Xerox Mobile Print Cloud for the first time is located in the Administrator and Troubleshooting guide starting in section 2 (page 2-1). If you start at page 2-1 and read through it, it will guide you through the entire process.


For specific information regarding how to use the web portal, please visit our online support knowledge base:


Please let me know if you have any other questions or additional information.


Thank you,


Xerox Mobile Print Admin

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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst


I'm tring to set up @printbyXerox on my 7855. We just installed the mobile Print cloud agent. 

The brocure states that @printbyXerox is free, but the mobile print cloud has a 30 print trial. 

I clicked on the account tab and chose licensing, but it doesn't disclouse the cost.

How much do the licences cost?




I'm also trying to add users for the @print App. I dont see a feature to add users on the agent. I'm assuming that because it's a trial, we cant add any new users.




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