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Re: @printbyxerox non printed file retention?

Thank you Wayne, 


Do you know by chance if there is documentation that would state this on it? that the retention poilicy you set in the portal preferences is for both prior to and after the job is released?

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: @printbyxerox non printed file retention?

Hi Evan, 


The retention policy apply to both printed and not printed files.  The files will remiain within the Xerox Mobility Service system based on retention policy setting (7 days, 1 day, Immediate).  


Thank you,



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@printbyxerox non printed file retention?

When sending a document to @printbyxerox, i know you can login and adjust the retention policy for "printed" documents. As in i sent the document, went to the device and released it got my hard copy, I can change in the settings if the job is deleted immediatly, after 1 day or after 7 days. 


But if I send a job and dont print it, how long will the job retain in the cloud before it is purged? 

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